Commission on Human Futures proposed

26 Sep 2018

The proposed Australian Commission on Global Futures (CGF) will assist our nation to play its important role in a growing global movement to mitigate a group of threats to the long-term survival and wellbeing of humans on Planet Earth.

Key objectives of the CGF will be to:

• Lift Australian society beyond the dangerous short-termism that currently dominates social and political disourse.

• Alert all Australians to the need to respond to existential threats and to the available ways of dealing with them.

• Develop a new “biosensitive” narrative and paradigm that will transform the focus of the Australian population toward issues and methods of sustainability, collaboration and long-term planetary health. 

• Foster interdisciplinary collaborations between academics, business, civil society and government agencies to develop an achievable vision for the kind of nation we want to, and can become, and set  in train the activities that will bring it about.

• Tap public opinion and support by running “brain=storming” events in cities and towns right acrossthe country.

• Build the evidence base and develop proposals for action for new public policy developments.   

Full details:

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