Denial of reality

The greatest challenge to human survival may lie, not just in the physical threats we face, but in our own minds.

Our belief in non-material things like money, politics, religion and the dominant human narrative often diverts and weakens our efforts to work together for survival. This has to change.

Pope Francis, in his encyclical 'Laudato Si', demonstrated how religion and science can together be re-dedicated to human survival – and it is equally essential that money, politics and the human narrative are similarly realigned.  Otherwise they will sabotage the very actions essential to our continuance.

Proposed solutions include the exercise of individual power in areas such as the ballot box and consumer decisions, eg:

  • Vote for no politicians who does not put the survival of your grandchildren first and foremost.
  • Do not buy from, own shares in or work for any company than does not care whether your grandkids survive.

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